Flat Roofing Services

Resistant to the elements, adaptable to many surfaces

Suitable for any size job, flat roofing is a popular choice for sheds, garages and extensions. Incredibly versatile, it can be applied to any flat roof surface.

Covering a flat roof is a whole different story than slate, tile or other traditional roofs. To find the perfect flat roofing material you really need to consider the most common issues your roof will face like traffic or climate conditions. About the decision on which roofing material is right for you, we will recommend a roofing professional to examine your exact situation and the specific surface needing a coating and find the best choice based on your budget, preference and location.

The life span of your flat roof depends on a lot of different factors starting with proper installation. If your climate has rapid changes the material will be put under more stress which will reduce its life span. A roof that is accessed a lot will also wear down faster. So you are looking in between 10 and 30 years.

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