Slate Roofing

Timeless beauty

Roofing solution with natural beauty with uncontested durability and longevity.

If you are looking for a roofing system that has superior durability and add a distinctive touch of timeless beauty to your home, and will last a “lifetime”, then a natural slate roof is the answer. 100% natural and has a very long life span, slate will enhance the look of any architectural style. Available in a variety of natural colors and sourced from different quarries around the globe. Slates also come in different  sizes and thicknesses. Regardless of its age or shape, slate will maintain its distinctive appearance.

Slate, being a natural stone, is more durable than any man-made material. Slate is highly resistant to any temperature fluctuations and inclement weather conditions, and also will not be affected by fungus and mold. These properties combined with slate having no negative impact on the environment and keeping your energy costs low, make’s the slate roof practically maintenance free.

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