Lead Work

Add a distinctive finish to your roof

Lead work is long lasting, ages beautifully and cost-effective solution

Lead is resistant to corrosion, ages well and it’s known for its longevity. It can last up to three times longer than other materials which makes it perfect for use on listed and protected buildings in conversion projects.
Lead is remarkable flexible, which makes lead sheeting perfect for stretching around challenging shapes and areas to provide complete coverage. The material’s flexibility means it can be used as a sealant. Lead can also be used as an exceptional covering for a roof’s guttering making a roof completely waterproof. Being able to expand and shrink due to temperature changes also makes lead the perfect material to use for rooftops facing the unpredictable weather.
Another good reason for choosing lead is the fact that is environmentally-friendly when installed properly. Lead is very easy to recycle while retaining all of its original properties. It is a possibility that the lead roof that you are getting today has already been used before.

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